Registration & Clearance Info


Steps to playing a sport (links to the right)
1. Pay though UniPay or Check (if financial assistance is required, please skip step)
2. Complete NFHS Concussion Course (once per academic year)
3. Sign up on Family ID (directions below)
4. Obtain copy of updated physical (within 13 months)
5. Fill out Athletics Clearance Form (Click here)
6. Hand in Athletic Clearance Form and an updated physical to Athletic Office before deadline.

For frequently asked questions, please click here.

Family ID Directions
For first time users, start at step 1. For returning users, please login and skip to step 3.
Step 1: Go to Click “CREATE ACCOUNT”, fill out necessary information.
Step 2: You will be sent an email to confirm your email address. Go to your email and
click link that is attached.
Step 3: Go to Login.
Step 4: Type “Milton Public Schools” in to search bar.
Step 5: Scroll down, find and click correct athletics registration.
Step 6: On the opening page, there are a few links to click before proceeding.
Step 7: If you have not already completed the concussion course, please click the link and complete. Be sure to keep confirmation code on file.
Step 8: If you have not already processed the payment on UniPay, please click the link and complete. Keep this code as well.
Step 9: Scroll down and , you will need to select the sport. Be sure to select correct sport and gender.
Step 10: Enter in payment confirmation code. Free or Reduced Lunch/Bridge Program user will enter “Pay by check” and will speak with Athletic Director before registration is complete.
Step 11: Enter concussion code from concussion course.
Step 12: For returning users, please select participant from drop-down menu. Information will automatically populate.
Step 13: Fill out the rest of the information.  Please be sure the date of physical is accurate.
Step 14: Sign electronically and click submit.
Step 15: You MUST click the green “Submit Registration” button on the right if you wish to finish.
Upon receiving this confirmation page, you are officially registered. Thank you.

Concussion Course Info
Students must complete the NFHS Concussion Course ONCE per academic year. Prior completed courses can be accessed through NFHS portal, or in the email receipt.

Physical Info
Student’s physical must be current! Current means within the last 13 months.  For example; If a student’s physical was done on February 1st, 2016, the student’s physical will expire on March 2nd, 2017.  Any student without a current physical WILL NOT be eligible to play after expiration date – STATE LAW. There are no exceptions. The MIAA strictly enforces this and all matches or games played with an ineligible student are subject to forfeit.

What exactly do I need to hand in?
You will need to hand in your concussion certificate and your updated physical. You will write your UNIPAY code on the clearance sheet and the athletic office will check Family ID online, so you will not need any hard copies of UNIPAY confirmation or Family ID.