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Registration Questions

What if my physical expires during the season? Will I need a new one?
Yes. As of 2016, Massachusetts State Law requires all student-athletes to have an updated physical on file during the entirety of the season.Student’s physical must be current! Current means within the last 13 months.  For example; If a student’s physical was done on February 1st, 2016, the student’s physical will expire on March 2nd, 2017.  Any student without a current physical WILL NOT be eligible to play after expiration date – STATE LAW. There are no exceptions. The MIAA strictly enforces this and all matches or games played with an ineligible student are subject to forfeit.

Do I need to register on Family ID each season?
Yes.  You need to update and verify all information each season that you participate in a sport.  The student’s section (sport) should be updated each season and the student’s grade level should be updated each academic year.

What documents do I need to hand in to be cleared?
All the student-athlete needs to hand in is their Clearance Form and an updated physical. Concussion forms and UniPay confirmation pages are not to be turned in.  The codes are to be filled out on the Clearance Form.

Do parents need to do the concussion course every season?
No.  Parents must take the concussion course once per child.  If you completed a course last year and you will have a freshman playing sports next season, you will need to do the course again.  After that, you are no longer required to completed the course.

Can I pay by check? What do I enter on Family ID? What if I qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch?
Yes.  You may pay by check.  On Family ID, in the section you are required to enter your UniPay code, simply enter “Paid by Check”.  All forms will be confirmed by the Athletic Office. If you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch, simply write that in the box on Family ID and it will be verified by the Athletic Office.  If you feel you qualify for a reduced fee, please speak with Jackie Morgan – jmorgan@miltonps.org

Where are the clearance cards? What do the student-athletes give to their coach?
The are no longer clearance cards.  Student-athletes cleared by the Athletic Director will be placed on a “Cleared” list, which is then given to coaches.  All lists are updated when student-athletes fill out the required forms.

Where can I find the Clearance Form? Where do I register?
Click here for the MHS Athletics Clearance Form.  Click here to register.

More questions and answers to come.
For any more questions, please email Ryan Madden, rmadden@miltonps.org

Program Policies

Can my son or daughter play a club/AAU sport during their high school season?
Yes.  There are rules however to playing non-high school sports during high school sports seasons.  If you play a club sport without missing any high school related practices or games, you will have no problem  You can miss ONE practice or game for an outside sport if you fill out the Bona Fide Team waiver form.  Please speak with the athletic director to request a form.  This form MUST be completed prior to the event.  More explanation of the rules can be found in the MIAA handbook, here.