MHS Boosters’ Athletic Calendars – only 8 days left!!

A message from MHS Boosters;

We only have 8 days left in the month of February for our student-athletes to sell their Boosters’ Athletic Calendars. Considering their will be a drawing each day in the month of March, it is imperative for the student-athletes to sell as many calendars before February 28th.

In fact, this week, vacation week, is a great time for students to reach out to neighbors, businesses, family members and friends. In fact, you as parents/guardians can share this great opportunity with your co-workers and associates.

Remember, all money raised will directly impact the MHS Athletic Program.
For your convenience, here is some general information about the Boosters’ Athletic Calendar sales:

Calendar cost $10
Make check out to MHS Boosters
If you need more tickets- contact Jeanne Kibble (617) 331-4848 (call or text)
All proceeds go back to the ATHLETES!
All tickets must be returned by February 28th in order to win March 1
CASH PRIZES for the top 3 sellers! (Must sell at least 20 calendars)
Our Goal is to sell 3000 tickets to make the $30,000 goal. That’s only 10 tickets per athlete!

As always, thank you very much for your ongoing support.

MHS Boosters

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